Just take a step into our restaurant and our friendly staffs will welcome you with a big smile. Fun, unique and lively atmosphere will put a smile on your face too. The smell of tantalizing aroma of meats and seafoods in the air? Your Japanese culinary adventure starts here...
Encounter the REAL Japanese cuisine experience with us at Nonbei Sake Bar & BBQ from popular
Izakaya-style à la carte dishes to authentic Wagyu beef. We deliver the finest quality meats, seafoods and seasonal vegetables where you get to be the chef and grill the meat in Yakiniku style. If you feel like something fresh, you could even start with fresh salmon sashimi for an appetizer. Your choice.
We offer a wide range of beverages including Japanese beer, Shochu, cocktails and over 30 kinds of Sake. Quench your thirst with your favorite drinks while Yakiniku sizzles on the grill in front of you. We look forward to taking you on an exciting journey of Japanese flavours.